Making it Rain WordPress

Action vs Inaction, Making it Rain, and WordPress

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Making it Rain WordPress

Everyone speaks in one form of shorthand or another. We all have special lingo we use to refer to things that we understand, and use that lingo when we’re with those who we believe understand us.

“Making it Rain” is one of those phrases that you’d think everyone would grok naturally. But while making it rain is shorthand in most businesses for “selling a lot”, it has a slightly more abstract definition, too. Making rain really just means “getting it done”, and it can be almost anything.

Chris Lema, a guy with a knack for making it rain in various WordPress-centric milieus, ran the piece we’ve linked below, last week. In it Chris speaks glowingly about a specific WordPress managed hosting solution—one that he doesn’t even use. Rainmaker, a fantastic (and also relatively expensive) platform is the latest brainchild of Brian Clark, a guy who our sister service Answer Guy Central once called the smartest guy in business today.

Making it Rain

The new “making it rain” that Chris Lema is talking about is, quite literally, a non-event … or at least an endorsement for non-change. Rainmaker is a fantastic platform, but one that runs WordPress almost as an afterthought; as with most managed hosting, when you use Rainmaker you lose a lot of the control people expect from WordPress. You can’t tweak a lot of things you might have expected to be able to.

And that non-control/non-change is perhaps the best making it rain aspect of Rainmaker; it’s already set up the right way.

Oh, and did I mention that Rainmaker is fast? Speed matters, friends.

Even if you aren’t “that person”, give Chris’ words on Brian Clark’s Rainmaker managed hosting platform a read. It’s a few minutes well-spent.

Source: Chris Lema 
Making it Rain WordPress
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Action vs Inaction, Making it Rain, and WordPress
Article Title:
Action vs Inaction, Making it Rain, and WordPress
In WordPress "Making it Rain" may not mean what you think. The question is, what DO you think Making it Rain means, and how will you start making it rain?


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