Automatic WordPress Site Creation

Automatic WordPress Site Creation

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Automatic WordPress Site Creation

Last week, we ran a story about how the WordPress Database works. Specifically, we were talking about something that doesn’t work; the WordPress Database doesn’t ever get created automatically.

At least, not through magic. Either your web host—via special scripts we never rarely recommend— or WordPress via a script built into its “famous five minute install” build the default structure of the WordPress database for you. So when we came across a tool claiming to do Automatic WordPress Site Creation, we had to play with it.

The WordPress Site Creation Tool from CMS Commander is a genuinely interesting idea. CMS Commander is one of the many services designed to make managing multiple WordPress sites easier, and their new “create site” tool takes all the information you’d normally enter into that WordPress five-minute install and turns it into a script.

Of course, if you’re a manager of multiple sites you never had a real issue with this function and probably see a certain wisdom in managing it manually, so the value of Automatic WordPress Site Creation is questionable. And if the five-minute install is beyond you, CMS Commander will just confuse things further.

But the idea is intriguing, and if you were looking for a variable to tip the scales in favor of one site management tool over another, maybe CMS Commanders’s Automatic WordPress Site Creation Tool is it. Maybe.

By the way: next week we’ll be publishing a story on a WordPress Hosting Option that’s compelling in a way you may not believe until you try it out. here it is.

Source: CMS Commander 
You can ALMOST Automate WordPress Site Creation
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Automatic WordPress Site Creation
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Automatic WordPress Site Creation
Wouldn't it be great of you could roll out WordPress Automatically? Not Automatic WordPress Site Creation via one-click from a hosting provider, but better? You ALMOST can.

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