How Do Your Learn WordPress?

How Do You Learn WordPress?

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How Do You Learn WordPress?

How do YOU learn WordPress?

A better question is probably “how do you learn?”. People have different ways of absorbing—and learning to use—information, and your “type” is most likely consistent across the spectrum, whether you want to learn WordPress, or basket weaving.

WordPress mouthpiece publication WPTavern is pointing its readers at Bob Dunn‘s survey on the subject of how folks learn WordPress, and Bob’s promising to share the results. We’re guessing that they’ll be split—with a caveat. We have a feeling the respondents will be skewed to people who are seeking a more technically-oriented learning solution, and if we’re right that would tend to push up the “read (something) to learn WordPress” votes. We’ll see.

Bob Dunn’s work has been featured here several times. We appreciate what he does; ditto that of Lorelle VanFossen. And we love that WPTavern is relying on The WordPress Community to push the boundaries of WordPress Training. This week we’ve found ourselves caught up in another community project at WPTavern; discussion on the impending release of WordPress 4.2 and a controversial feature that’s planned for it.

Stay tuned for the results of Bob Dunn’s how you learn WordPress survey. As always, The WordPress Helpers will keep you informed.

Source: WPTavern 
How Do Your Learn WordPress? (A Survey)
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HOW Do YOU Learn WordPress?
Article Title:
HOW Do YOU Learn WordPress?
How do you learn WordPress? The best answer is whatever works for you. At WPTavern they'd like you to join Bob Dunn's "How do you learn WordPress?" survey.


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