Lorelle VanFossen on WordPress Headings

Lorelle Van Fossen Takes on WordPress Headings

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WordPress Headings with Lorelle Van Fossen

When we wrote about Lorelle VanFossen’s WordPress School and Lorelle’s advice on how to put together a WordPress post, we knew she’d be back. It’s been a few weeks, but Lorelle’s taken on WordPress Headings, and now, we’ll take on Lorelle VanFossen.

We dissected the earlier post from WordPress School with Lorelle Van Fossen pretty closely; it was great, but we came away wanting even more. Lorelle’s take on WordPress Headings suffers no such deficiencies; nice job, Lorelle!

WordPress Headings

As Ms. VanFossen points out, the main reason for using headings—in WordPress or elsewhere—is to break up your writing. This carries two important benefits for readers:

  • First, they get a chance to pause if only for a moment (take a breath … just take a breath … ). This is simply a matter of comfort
  • Second, the insertion of disparate elements surrounded by white space encourages readers to push on. In fact, these bullet points serve the same purpose

So in WordPress headings engineer reader behavior. They hang in there. They stay on pages longer, perhaps getting to a point where they have an opportunity to keep exploring. Click, darn you!

There’s more. Lorelle didn’t address these points, but we will:

Your writing also engineers how Google and other search engines see you. Search Engine Optimization as a stand-alone practice is a far different beast than it was a few years ago, but some things haven’t changed much, if at all. H-Tags still create SEO juice, and throwing a subject-appropriate <H2> or two into a post goes a long way.

Success building a great WordPress site is largely about structure, and when it comes to crafting a post, structure includes knowing how page elements work. Let WordPress Headings help you with that. And let’s be ready for more gems from Lorelle VanFossen.

Source: Lorelle on WordPress 
Lorelle Van Fossen and WordPress Headings
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Lorelle Van Fossen on WordPress Headings
Article Title:
Lorelle Van Fossen on WordPress Headings
If you publish media WordPress Headings are more than just fun. Besides driving traffic, Lorelle VanFossen says WordPress Headings drive user behavior.


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