The Most Popular WordPress Themes

“The Most Popular WordPress Themes”

By The WordPress Helpers 2 Comments

The Most Popular WordPress Themes

Want to see something really cool? It’s The Periodic Table of WordPress Themes!

Problem is, it’s wrong. Not “wrong” as in “I say it’s wrong”. Wrong as in the data that the table relies on doesn’t agree with the table. Take a look at’s data on popular WordPress themes as of this morning:

WordPress.Org most popular themes, January 13 2015

It … just … doesn’t … match.

No big deal, of course, and the truth is that unless you’re doing some statistical-based project you simply don’t need to know what the the most popular WordPress themes are. But wouldn’t it be nice if someone new to all this and with nothing to go by other than numbers and trying to make a decision had a tool they could rely on?

The Periodic Table of WordPress Themes is a cool idea, but … it’s wrong
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The Most Popular WordPress Themes
Article Title:
The Most Popular WordPress Themes
What are The Most Popular WordPress Themes? The answer mostly doesn't matter, but good luck figuring it out!


  1. It … just … doesn’t … match.

    Pascal from SpinPress here! I’m reaching out after Jeff’s email and want to clarify on how the theme table currently works.

    It fetches the ~100 currently popular themes from (which you have made a screenshot of above). Please note: This “most popular theme” list only shows the themes that are popular this week, a limitation by
    Together with the currently popular themes from ThemeForest, these themes are then ordered by their absolute download numbers

    So while Twenty Twelve may have been the most popular theme last week, Twenty Eleven’s overall downloads are much higher. That’s why it’s ranked #1 on the site.

    It’s hard to do this right and there’s not much room for explanation on the site. Of course I’m open to suggestions.

    1. Author

      Pascal, I appreciate the explanation, and suspected “the data changes but our table isn’t necessarily in sync with that” might be the way it is.

      More than anything, our goal here is to get people thinking, so I hope you understand that what we posted was less about being critical than about helping our readers keep their eyes open to exactly the vagaries you pointed out. Thanks for weighing in!

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