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Envato Market

Ever had one of those companies you loved and hated at the same time, or a girlfriend or boyfriend that you just couldn’t stop wanting to be with even though they way they treated you made you crazy? Then you’ll understand Envato Market.

If you spend any time trying to customize WordPress, eventually you’ll end up at Envato, or one of its subsidiaries. We love Envato Market, and hate it at the same time. We don’t recommend it. If anything we kind of recommend against it, because Envato market is “the mall” of WordPress and other-types-of-websites add-on goodies. And Envato has … everything. In fact, a good deal of the stuff we used to build and use to maintain The WordPress Helpers comes from Envato Market.

But if you think walking into a mall is intimidating, you really don’t want to stroll through the front door of Envato Market. Seriously. Stay out.

You don’t even want to go to the Envato subsidiary shops unless browsing for intangible goods is your idea of a good time. Although … here they are:

Wait, it gets worse:

At Envato market they’ve sort of invented their own money, too. That’s a little dramatic of us, but it means that shopping at Envato means you have to choose between leaving money on account there (and it expires!), and paying the fees Envato incurs to get money out of their funds processing merchant.

We hate Envato. We don’t recommend Envato. But they sure are big, and sure have lots of useful tools. Just like a mall!