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Headway Themes


At Headway, they sell just one theme. One very cool theme that lets you … seriously … draw what you want your WordPress site to look like.

They also sell goodies from Headway partners to add pre-built functionality. And yes, you’re probably gonna want some of that, too. So unless you’re a very unusual person the odds that you’re gonna pay Headway the $59 and be done are pretty slim.

There’s more: Headway’s back-end is slow and not always obvious. Headway stores a lot of cruft in your WordPress database that, while not likely to hurt you, is still excess stuff that there are better ways to handle.

Sounds like we’re saying you should stay away from Headway, right? We are. EXCEPT: Headway is the easiest way to make a web site that looks exactly like you want it too. Like, hands-down. And that’s pretty amazing.

$59, and you’re in complete control. Very cool.