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Nelio A/B Testing

Our policy here is that nothing gets into The WordPress Helpers Shop unless we’ve tested it. We haven’t tested Nelio A/B Testing. It’s here anyway. Here’s why:

As we describe here, we’ve worked with the folks at Nelio. They do customer response and customer service in a way that’s so amazing and so responsive, we’re happy just pointing you at them and letting you decide for yourself whether Nelio A/B Testing is right for you. Simply put, we believe in Nelio.

Is Nelio’s A/B Testing the best A/B Testing? Is it priced at the right point? Also for you to decide. Truth is, we have issues recommending A/B Testing at all until you’re large and have a lot of data and a lot of content to track. But we believe in Nelio, and we know that lots of people like comparing stuff.

If you’re looking to do A/B Testing, check out Nelio A/B Testing.

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