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Themify Ultra


There’s an irony to Themify’s Ultra (or honestly any theme from Themify) being here. Themify sells themes that rely on a Builder that can be so difficult to decipher it sits as the poster child for what caused us to start The WordPress Helpers.

In fact, a Themify theme DID get us started; it was a Themify theme that “Customer Zero” was fighting with when we decided to bring you The WordPress Helpers.

We like Themify Ultra enough that we used it to build the June 2015 version of our sister site Answer Guy Central.

And despite some odd things we found in Themify’s builder, Ultra is just plain terrific. For real, it might be the last WordPress Theme you ever buy. Check it out.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Okay, but what happens if you ever choose to switch from Ultra to another theme? Is a jumble of unusable shortcodes left behind alá Elegantthemes’ DIVI? Clarifications welcome.

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      0 out of 5

      Peter, you raise a great point; sitebuilders/pagebuilders do sort of create captive content. And I’m glad you made a point of calling out Divi. Divi is GREAT, but anything you create in it is of little-to-no use outside of it.

      That said, we have two thoughts:

      1) the “correct” way to use shortcodes is through plug-ins rather than having them built into themes; that way you have a shot at them being portable.

      but more important:

      2) Pragmatically speaking, the idea that you can create pages and magically re-style them by applying a new theme is a great idea, but rarely (c’mon … NEVER … ) really works out.

      So … does it matter?

      By the way: Ultra isn’t even shortcode-based so much as “all the content is tucked away in postmeta rather than in the posts you think it’s in”. This is even worse than shortcodes; just finding your content is a nightmare.

      Since we’ve seen this approach get taken by more and more theme vendors we have a fantasy about there being a standardized (i.e., adhered to)way to store and re-address postmeta data, by … yeah, probably a fantasy and little else.

      So we’re back to a conversation about whether page builders are a good idea, period. And Ultra is superb.

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