Do Special Themes Matter?

Special Themes for “Business Types” ?

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Do Search Engine Optimization Companies Need Special Themes?

Back in the day (this is a way back in the day reference), consulting companies built custom solutions for computerizing businesses, and charged big coin for them. $50,000 big, which, if it sounds like a lot now, was a really big deal in 1988. These custom solutions—the special themes, if you will, were worth every penny.

They cost a lot to develop, so at the simplest level their prices made sense. But imagine you’re a dentist asking for a custom solution—your special theme—and you’re sold something that was sold yesterday to an auto body shop and has simply had its field labels changed (this was 1988; visual elements didn’t enter into the discussion). Is that worth $50,000?

It’s worth whatever you’ll pay, of course. Today, the question has changed to something less expensive, but also less meaningful; the idea of “special themes” has been truly reduced to a marketing conversation. You can buy some terrific WordPress themes for under $100 and customize them pretty much any way you like. Even if you hire an expensive customization firm, unless you also need an application built your new web site will very rarely cost $50,000.

This is ALL great news, and a big piece of the underpinnings that make WordPress so great.

In the article below you’ll see a collection of “WordPress Themes for SEO Companies”. We’ve singled out one, the BE theme. BE is one of the most-purchased WordPress themes in the world, and gets customized into all kinds of “special themes”. But is BE an “SEO theme”, or for that matter does the SEO Demo of BE truly fall into a “special themes” category?

No, of course not. It’s lovely, as are all the examples of BE. But the moment this became an example of “special themes”, it stopped being special.

There are no special themes. What’s special is what you do with them.

You can buy BE, here.

Source: WPSquared 
“SEO Themes”?
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Do you need Special Themes? What does "SEO Themes" MEAN? And do special themes matter?


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