Envato Market WordPress Plugins

Updating Envato Market WordPress Plugins

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Envato Market WordPress Plugins

In The WordPress Helpers Shop, we have a page talking about Envato Market. And we kind of pick on Envato, because stepping into Envato Market or any of their sub-markets feels like stumbling into an online manifestation of the world’s biggest and scariest mall.

Besides our boy-is-Envato-Market-overwhelming issue, we have another problem with Envato Market. Envato Market WordPress Plugins and Envato Market WordPress Themes don’t update through the WordPress admin area.  You might be OK with that, but if you rely on WordPress to tell you when updates to your themes and plug-ins are available, or if you miss the email updates Envato sends out when they happen, it’s one more reason to have an issue with Envato Market.

Last week part of the issue with Envato Market WordPress Plugins may have gone away.

There’s a new WordPress plug-in that says it will keep you up to date on Envato Market WordPress Plugins, right inside WordPress. It’s small, and it’s available at Envato Market, so you shouldn’t need to worry about negative effects from installing it. Will it work? As yet to be seen. Will it work with other Envato collateral, like themes and media libraries? Probably not.

Do we still hate to love to hate Envato Market? You bet. But at least this is a step in the right direction for Envato Market WordPress Plugins. We’ll take it.

Source: Envato Market 
Automatic Updates for Envato Market WordPress Plugins
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Envato Market WordPress Plugins
Article Title:
Envato Market WordPress Plugins
Ever Shop in the Envato Market? Ever notice there's no good way to update Envato Market WordPress plugins? Want to fix that? You can ... sort of.


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