The WordPress Attachment Page

WordPress Attachment Pages and Other Ugly Issues

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WordPress Attachment Pages

Among our many issues with The WordPress Media Library, there’s a little-known-yet-hard-to-ignore feature that creates pages for each of your media-library-based attachments. Not surprisingly, these are called WordPress Attachment Pages.

What you see above is an actual image here at The WordPress Helpers. It’s Will The WordPress Helper‘s head, of course, and it lives in The WordPress Media Library because we use it in a special way that will only work with images stored there.

The very idea of WordPress Attachment Pages is aggravating; it’s unlikely you’d ever want someone to end up at a page with nothing but a picture on it. Here’s the page assigned to Will’s Head.

There’s no native flip-off-the-WordPress-attachment-page ability in WordPress, and while you can make attachment pages go away by adding plug-in software, that seems like overkill. Better idea? Keep the WordPress attachment pages, and take advantage of an extra opportunity for Search Engine Optimization.

The folks at Hongkiat have published a fairly comprehensive guide to WordPress Attachment Pages, and if you’re interested you can see it by following the link below. But read it or not, do keep an eye on those attachment pages. They’re there, so make use of them!

An Introduction to WordPress Attachments
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The WordPress Attachment Page
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The WordPress Attachment Page
Ever heard of WordPress Attachment Pages? You aren't alone. WordPress attachment pages are invisible until they pop up unwanted. Make the best of WordPress Attachment Pages.


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