WordPress Duplicate Content

WordPress Duplicate Content

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WordPress Duplicate Content

One of the many things that determines the success of your efforts with WordPress is Search Engine Optimization. And here’s good news; there are several terrific almost-automate-the-SEO-process WordPress plug-ins that turn WordPress into a Search Engine Optimization machine.

One issue constantly tossed about in SEO circles is the effect of duplicate content. And because of how WordPress (or any content management system) works, avoiding WordPress Duplicate Content is nearly impossible.

WordPress Duplicate Content Doesn’t Matter.

Our sister service Answer Guy Central has been making this point for almost five years; Google doesn’t “penalize duplicate content”. And while the duplicate content it creates is worth paying attention to and dealing with the right way, WordPress Duplicate Content won’t actually hurt you.

Now, we have more confirmation. You may get back to work.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable 
Panda, Search, and Duplicate Content
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WordPress Duplicate Content
Article Title:
WordPress Duplicate Content
Does managing WordPress duplicate content matter? Yes. Is there lots OF WordPress Duplicate Content? Yes. Is it a REAL Search Engine Optimization issue? No.


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