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The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup, 13-Jan-2015

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The Most Popular WordPress Themes? The PERIODIC TABLE of WordPress Themes? I’m a believer in science, but science … this is not


Well, no, unless you do a virtually featureless web site, sub-one-second WordPRess loads aren’t likely. But there are things you can do to speed up the process


Seems Impossible, right? We all know that plug-ins slow WordPress down. Not these, not if you use them at the right time, in the right way.


I hate web site maintenance. You hate web site maintenance. Everyone hates web site maintenance. But maintenance matters, unless you like having your site go down, or not perform, or start doing a dance you never intended. What’s the right way to handle that, and what should it cost?


Hosting: We all hate it, and we all need it. Most of us have hosting war stories ending in bloody heaps of barely-running web sites. So Who’s the best WordPress Web host? Check this out; you may not believe your eyes.


Theme Customization “Basics”? Is there such a thing? Well, yes, and no. Here’s one way to look at getting started with theme customization. Don’t worry; there are dozens …


We’re all handymen. In WordPress, that might be as true as in your little house in the ‘burbs. The only question is this: How are you managing that?


It’s the I’m a Mac vs I’m a PC of WordPress: So what are you: Theme, or Framework?


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WordPress Roundup for January 13, 2015
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WordPress Roundup for January 13, 2015
The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup for January 13 2015

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