The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 29-Jan-2015

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What happens when Geeks Fight? As we discovered this week, when Geeks Fight in The WordPress Community, it gets ugly, and fast.


When’s the last time you changed your WordPress “Theme”? What the world think if you … never did?


Think Security Doesn’t Matter? WRONG! And if you use the WordPress Jetpack plug-in you need to change your mind, because WordPress is going to break your website unless you stay secure.


Posts? Pages? It’s the simplest idea in WordPress, but you might find dealing with it less simple than you thought. Here’s a primer.


Isn’t WordPress Jetpack Great? All those handy tools in one plug-in! One  Small Thing: WordPress is using Jetpack to watching you, and then selling your data.


Hosting WordPress? You Have Choices. Lots and lots and lots and lots of WordPress Hosting Choices


WordPress Child Themes are about the simplest thing there is. So why bother with a plug-in that creates them? Laziness.


Who’s in your tribe? Where’s your community? Build one if you must … and don’t forget the community engagement


Have you seen the book on Common WordPress Fixes? No? That’s because there isn’t one. Let’s talk about that …


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