A WordPress Maintenance Bargain?

A WordPress Maintenance Bargain

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A WordPress Maintenance Bargain?

When you think of the costs associated with managing your web site, does “maintenance” pop up as a line item?

Website maintenance isn’t free. Oh sure, if you build your website you can maintain it, but time is money, and time spent on things you don’t do all the time is even more expensive; every moment you spend remembering how to do something adds to your time investment.

But is this a good price for WordPress Maintenance?

Disclosure: The WordPress Helpers does NOT get commission if you sign up for maintenance with happilyorganised.com. They’re one of many, many companies that will do WordPress Maintenance for you for fees ranging from near-nothing to near-bankruptcy-inducing, and we’d never heard of them until this morning. As of this writing we have no horse in this race other than our own.

But the idea of WordPress Maintenance … well, that’s a hot button here; WordPress is “easy”, until it isn’t, and failing to do maintenance regularly and the right way can spell disaster.

Source: happilyorganised.com 
Is this a WordPress Maintenance Bargain?
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A WordPress Maintenance Bargain?
Article Title:
A WordPress Maintenance Bargain?
How much should WordPress Maintenance Cost? Are there any WordPress Maintenance Bargains? Is THIS A WordPress Maintenance Bargain?


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