WordPress No-Parking Zone

The WordPress No-Parking Zone

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The WordPress No-Parking Zone

Recently we came across a post by marketing guru Seth Godin. It’s incredibly short, and for The WordPress Helpers also incredibly poignant:

“That can’t be a legal parking space…”
“Because if it was, someone would already be parking there.”
If you’re sufficiently pessimistic about new opportunities, it probably pays to stop driving around. Opportunity is often where you decide it is.

When we first launched, we ran into a bit of a buzz-saw, offending a wide swath of The WordPress Community. One of the points that was made was very much like the idea Seth is putting forth; we were told point-blank that the only reason we were able to lay our hands on http://wordpress.answerguy.com was because everyone else had “played by the rules”.

We’ve alluded to the domain name/trademark issue in another post today, and we’re happy to say that we expect it to be resolved soon.

That’s it … stay tuned … and thanks, Seth; today you’ve make us feel a bit better about the way The WordPress Helpers is approaching things.

Source: Seth Godin 
The WordPress No-Parking Zone
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The WordPress No-Parking Zone
Article Title:
The WordPress No-Parking Zone
Did you know there's a WordPress no-parking zone? It's w-o-r-d-p-r-e-s-s—or so WordPress says. Seth Godin got us thinking over the WordPress No-Parking Zone.


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