WordPress Security White Paper

WordPress Security White Paper

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WordPress Security White Paper

White papers are one of the most—and often least—interesting ways of disseminating messages. Last week, WordPress unleashed the WordPress Security White Paper. It falls into the latter category.

More important, it does exactly what we said above. The WordPress Security White Paper, disseminates a message, at the expense of delivering any useful information.

We’re not so much picking on WordPress/Automattic as trying to make a point that will help you craft your messages. White papers are rarely fun or sexy, and expecting the WordPress Security White Paper to be any better than most documents of its ilk would be little more than wishful thinking based on a love of the WordPress platform. And let’s be frank: at the end of the day everything you need to know about WordPress security is here. You need to lock down WordPress, but you don’t need a self-congratulatory document like the WordPress Security White Paper to make that happen.

And that’s not even the real point of this story.

Even WordPress, a product line with market dominance exceeded only by juggernauts like Microsoft Windows, and Google, needs to worry about growing their share using content marketing. That’s what the WordPress Security White Paper really is; there’s very little useful information in it and next to none that a person interested in the subject didn’t already know.

And that’s OK.

But it also underscores why The WordPress Helpers is here. We’re your source for the truth about WordPress—bad as well as good—and we’ll tell you when something is worth your time. Unfortunately, The WordPress Security White Paper is not.

Source: WordPress Introduces a Security White Paper 
WordPress Security White Paper
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WordPress Security White Paper
Article Title:
WordPress Security White Paper
Especially considering the size of target it presents, WordPress does security pretty well. Wouldn't a decent WordPress Security White Paper hit the spot?


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