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Is It OK? WordPress Theme Checker

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WordPress Theme Checker

Security is almost as important to your WordPress efforts as the look and function of your web site. And because of WordPress’ size, there are all kinds of bad guys out there trying to hack in, all the time. Wouldn’t it stink if the bad guy was right inside your WordPress Theme?

Let’s Use a WordPress Theme Checker

We’ve come across a WordPress Plugin that does something simple, but important. Theme Authenticity Checker looks through all your themes, and if it finds anything amiss, tells you so.

It’s name is actually a bit inaccurate. Theme Authenticity Checker doesn’t so much make sure your Theme is authentic as it makes sure there’s no rogue code lurking.

How reliable a WordPress Theme Checker is Theme Authenticity Checker? Darned if we know; how many kinds of rogue code are there?

In fact, the idea of having this kind of WordPress Theme Checker underscores the point Chris Lema made to me, here; while there are hueristic techniques that might extend such a plug-in’s efficacy, you can’t do a complete check of anything without a reliable database to check against.

Still, it can’t hurt to try a WordPress Theme Checker, and at least you know it isn’t the kind of plug-in that will slow your web site down.

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WordPress Theme Checker
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WordPress Theme Checker
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WordPress Theme Checker
Is your WordPress Theme safe? Not sure? You need a WordPress Theme Checker. "WordPress Theme Authenticity Checker" is the WordPress Theme Checker you need.


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