Would I Love Lucy Use WordPress?

Would “I Love Lucy” Run WordPress?

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I Love Lucy and WordPresse

And now, for something (almost) completely different.

If you happened to read my piece on the Ivory Tower from which Seth Godin pontificates, you might realize that marketing is on my mind almost as much as WordPress (disclosure; I say WordPress is actually a marketing tool more than any other category you might try to fit it into).

This week I happened across a blog post by another marketing guy who, like Seth Godin, is still living outside the world of WordPress. But Jeffrey Slater is on the way into the fold, and asking the same questions that most people ask when they realize they need to jump in.

What does that have to do with “I Love Lucy“? Directly, nothing at all. But Jeffrey Slater and I seem to inhabit a similar demographic, and when I noticed the still from a famous scene in a television program that I’ve watched for fully fifty years, the way all of this stuff runs together and falls out at 23% of the world’s web sites—and counting—lots of things started swirling around in my head.

If I Love Lucy was being produced today, it would of course have a web site, and it’s a fair bet that its producers would at least consider what used to be “just a blogging platform” as the way to bring that site to the world.

And that’s marketing, folks. WordPress is not about technology.

Would I Love Lucy run WordPress? Yes, I believe it would. Now, back to stomping those grapes.

Source: Moments Later Blog 
Pressing on with Jeffrey Slater
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Would I Love Lucy run on WordPress?
Article Title:
Would I Love Lucy run on WordPress?
Would Lucy love WordPress? Better yet, would I Love Lucy RUN WordPress? It's a marketing world; WordPress is an amazing marketing tool. Ask Jeffrey Slater.


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