What You See is NOT What You Get

Drag And Drop Page Builders for WordPress: Building Websites With [ahem] Zero Effort

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What you see is NOT What you get with WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builders

Welcome to The WordPress Helpers. This is one of our very first posts, and your first chance to learn something about WordPress that … matters.

Anyone who’s spent any time at all around computers any time in the last … twenty-odd years has come up against the idea of WYSIWYG. Problem is, What You See Is (often not) What You Get. WordPress is a great example; edit inside WordPress for more than a few posts and you’ll hit your head against this, for sure. What’s a (non) programmer—or for that matter a major geek to do? You need to churn out content, but the grind is … well, a grind!

Here’s a round-up of a half-dozen so-called Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress. The drag-and-drop/WYSIWYG-ability of each is a little different, and none ever quite reach the “easy” stage—although some are better than others … for different types of content creators. And “WYSIWYG”? Well, no.

It’s not ready for prime time just yet, but it will be. The idea is sound, and we’ll be talking more about it in Musings. Meantime, take a look at what WPKUBE has to say about drag and drop page builders for WordPress.

Source: www.wpkube.com 
Is What You See What You Get? That’s The idea behind drag-and-drop page builders, but the reality is very different 


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Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPrress
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Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPrress
With WordPress Drag-and-Drop Pages Builders: What You See is NOT What You Get


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