Ten Important WordPress Tweaks

Ten Important WordPress Tweaks for Day One

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Ten Important WordPress Tweaks

WordPress is easy; all you need to worry about is everything 😉

While that statement is rife with uncertainty, there are a few important WordPress tweaks you can address quickly as soon as you fire up a new WordPress installation. Recently, the folks at WPBeginner put ten of these most important WordPress tweaks together in a nice neat package.

Every one of them matters, and you need especially to pay attention to number 10, backing up the WordPress database. But since there won’t be much in the database when you start out there’s another that “on day one” is more important still. #2, Change your permalink structure, is one of the important WordPress tweaks that will have long and far-reaching ramifications for you. This one’s about Search Engine Optimization, and OH BOY, does it matter!

Check out WPBeginner’s list. PLEASE pay attention to the permalink tip. And if you need help, reach out!

Source: WPBeginner 
Ten Critical Day-One WordPress Tweaks
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Important WordPress Tweaks
Article Title:
Important WordPress Tweaks
What are the most important WordPress tweaks? There are many, but this list of ten important WordPress tweaks is a great starting point.


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