WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem — RESOLVED !

WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem — RESOLVED !

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WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem Resolved

If last week was “Fixing Support Week” at The WordPress Helpers, this week shaped up as the week The WordPress Helpers and The WordPress Community got together to preempt a huge WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem.

For all the issues we’ve had trying to cozy up to The WordPress Community,  we know it’s comprised of a passionate bunch of folks who genuinely love WordPress. And WordPress Ain’t Perfect. That’s never been more evident that this week, when a feature in the upcoming WordPress 4.2 came under discussion at WPTavern.

If you read through the over-fifty comments against the post we’ve linked below you’ll see that about eighty percent of them were on the same side: automatic plug-in activation without a user option to avoid it is a very bad idea. 

We were in the thick of that debate, and we (that’s “we”, as in The WordPress Helpers and The WordPress Community) managed to get the feature squashed.

And that’s why we’re here, folks. We trust that the WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem won’t simply be pushed and become a WordPress 4.3 problem, instead.

Source: WPTavern 
WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem — RESOLVED !
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WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem — RESOLVED !
Article Title:
WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem — RESOLVED !
There's a big WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem. Or was, until Community cried foul. The WordPress Helpers pushed the fix for the WordPress 4.2 Plugin Problem.