WordPress Cloud Hosting

WordPress Cloud Hosting: A Bad Idea?

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WordPress Cloud Hosting

Here at The WordPress Helpers, we find ourselves discussing hosting quite a bit. From pointing you at genuinely Free WordPress Hosting, to a broad discussion of hosting choices, The WordPress Helpers’ hosting archive is growing, and fast.

Let’s Talk WordPress Cloud Hosting

“The Cloud” is a topic that causes so much confusion, it’s spawned Hollywood comedy films. Do you understand what the cloud is, really? We know very smart people who are afraid of the very idea of being “in the cloud”, and even products with the word “cloud” in them, aren’t always really cloud-based.

Hosting, WordPress or otherwise, has traditionally not been a “cloud” discussion—at least until your needs outgrow the capabilities of one discreet computer. How much firepower you need is the bigger issue, cloud or otherwise.

Cloud hosting has one distinct advantage: when you need more power just pay more, and it’s there instantly

But WordPress Cloud Hosting has some pitfalls, or it does unless it’s executed very carefully.

Over at WPKUBE, they’ve done a nice piece on their experience with Cloudways WordPress Cloud Hosting. It describes Cloudways more than actually review it, but the description is well executed, and there’s a takeaway worth thinking about: WordPress Cloud Hosting introduces extra variables to the hosting equation.

Is the extra cost associated with WordPress Cloud Hosting money well spent? Perhaps. In at least one way cloud hosting is simply better; it’s hard to argue with the benefit of instantly self-repairing servers if you need yours running as close to “all the time” as possible. But with the number of variables that WPKUBE hints at associated with a well-running WordPress installation, the question of whether WordPress Cloud Hosting is a good idea isn’t simple to answer.

Source: WPKUBE 
A Description of Cloudways Cloud Hosting
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WordPress Cloud Hosting
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WordPress Cloud Hosting
Is there anything special about "WordPress Cloud Hosting"? Actually, yes. As with other cloud hosting issues, WordPress Cloud Hosting needs a special approach.


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