WordPress HTML

WordPress HTML

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WordPress HTML

On many articles at The WordPress Helpers, we include a voice rendering. Making that happen requires the recording of the audio, of course, but then we need to get it placed so you can listen by doing nothing more complicated than pressing the “play” button. As of this piece’s creation, the mini player we use is created with a single line of HTML code. Here’s the WordPress HTML for the audio on this article:

HTML5 Audio in WordPress

You can see several parameters in that HTML5 code for inserting audio, but it is just the one line of code making the player appear and work, and link to the correct audio file.

And it’s more complicated than pretty much any HTML you’ll ever need to cram into WordPress.

The truth is, HTML isn’t really the preferred code base for WordPress; there’s more than one right way to do WordPress and most of the time you’re better off—often you must, in fact—use a combination of geeky WordPress Elements like CSS and PHP code to do manual coding in WordPress; “WordPress HTML” is a misnomer. And that’s where our old friend Lorelle VanFossen re-emerges.

A couple of weeks ago Lorelle added All the HTML You Need to Know to WordPress School with Lorelle VanFossen, and she’s hit pretty much all the bases. In fact, the punchline on Lorelle’s piece is that there are four HTML codes you need in WordPress, and while that’s a bit of an oversimplification, Lorelle’s point is well-taken: boil things down to the smallest necessary set of tools, and you can make WordPress as easy as you’d heard it was before you dove in!

Source: Lorelle on WordPress 
All the WordPress HTML you need to know
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WordPress HTML
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WordPress HTML
WordPress HTML? There is no "WordPress HTML", but you can use HTML in WordPress—sometimes. Lorelle VanFossen talks WordPress HTML.


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