A Wordpress.org Support Conversation

WordPress.org Support, Done Right!

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A WordPress.Org Support Conversation

If you’ve spent your time recently meandering through the wordpress.org support forums, you may have come across a conversation between the three handsome gentlemen you see above. I initiated things asking a question about the most recent update to WordPress’ Jetpack breaking a feature in WordPress, and while its resolution—sadly—was delivered in a tête-à-tête between the gentlemen on the left and myself rather than in public where it might have benefited others, this is a story about mostly-good support at wordpress.org.

Jeremy Herve is a paid employee of Automattic Inc, the company that provides hosting and support at wordpress.com. Jan Dembowski, on the other hand, is one of the brave volunteers at wordpress.org

The good news is that when a question with an answer gets posted at wordpress.org, sometimes useful support can be forthcoming. The bad news is that “da rulez” remain unclear, and <ahem> unsupportable.

We’ve pointed this out before: right there inside the wordpress.org support form, there are instructions to include the web site where your WordPress issue is:

Wordpress.org support wants a link

But if the wordpress.org support “staff” redacts a link, the system breaks down. The image you see here is a screenshot from another wordpress.org support ticket we’d submitted, and the redacted link was to wordpress.answerguy.com … an URL that specifically complies with the WordPress position on allowable URLs. And it wasn’t placed there promotionally, but as a pointer for the support technician.

Unlike in the previous ticket, Jeremy Herve and Jan Dembowski handled this correctly; the link was once again redacted, and Jeremy continued the support ticket off-line.

Solid wordpress.org support, and mostly delivered simply by paying attention … looks like we’re starting to have an impact on this WordPress thing …

Source: WordPress.org 
A WordPress.org support conversation
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A Wordpress.org Support Conversation
Article Title:
A Wordpress.org Support Conversation
Wordpress.org support is an iffy proposition. This week we saw wordpress.org support done well, if not quite perfectly. Let's revisit wordpress.org support.


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