WordPress SEO Process

WordPress SEO Process

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Fix Your WordPress SEO Process

If there’s anyone who doesn’t need our help getting traffic, it’s Neil Patel. One of Neil’s sites, QuickSprout, is devoted to proper page construction and Search Engine Optimization, and QuickSprout is approximately the 2,000th most popular web site in the world.

Nevertheless, something Neil published today deserves a plug … or at least deserves a mention relative to something I wrote here last week.

When I deconstructed Lorelle VanFossen’s post on the right way to build a WordPress post, there was a subtext I barely mentioned: no matter how great a writer you are or how smart your ideas may be, a big part of writing is “doing it the correct way”. And doing your writing the right way is largely about having and using a WordPress SEO process.

I know, I know; you’re an artist; you don’t need to worry about such banal drivel as search engine optimization. Guess again; we’ve all become handymen and SEO has mattered even to professional writers at large newspapers for several years now; you may trust me when I say it matters to you, too.

Neil Patel’s Quicksprout has a fairly exhaustive checklist on how SEO works, and how to create a WordPress SEO Process. Worth a read:

Source: The Ultimate SEO Checklist 
The Ultimate SEO Checklist
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Your WordPress SEO Process Checklist
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Your WordPress SEO Process Checklist
Do you have a WordPress SEO Process? It isn't difficult, but it's a lot to manage and without a WordPress SEO Checklist much of your work will be doomed to obscurity.