My name is Jeff Yablon, and my company is about to launch something we've been working on for a while. It's called The WordPress Helpers, and I imagine you believe our name gives you something of an idea about what we're planning.


Let me promise you this: it does not.


I've reached out to introduce myself and The WordPress Helpers, and hopefully to begin a contact and relationship between us that proves beneficial to us both. I'm not going to take a lot of your time, and of course you can just hit move on now if you think there's something wrong with ... again, whatever you think you're hearing. I hope not, because in the very near future I believe you're going to start hearing about us from "the outside", and this is probably a better way to get acquainted.


I'm asking for just one thing today: I'd appreciate your approval to let me put a working e-mail address for you on file so we can keep in touch. You have my word there's not going to be a sale of that information, nor am I interested in spamming you directly.

If that's OK with you, please drop me a line, or nudge me on Twitter.


As I said, we're "getting ready to launch", so if you happen to visit http://thewordpresshelpers.com right now you'll see a simple page that tells you ... pretty much nothing. If you'd like "just a bit more, now, please feel free to look at this


That's it. Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you in all you do. Especially the WordPress Stuff  ;-)