Things We Get Asked

At The WordPress Helpers we’re passionate about WordPress and pushing it to the limits. WordPress … a mere Blogging Platform? We don’t think so.

We’re pragmatic about the way WordPress works, what you use it for—and how—and it’s our job to help you find what’s worth your time and effort and how you can get WordPress to do what you need.

We do things a little bit differently at The WordPress Helpers, and we think you’ll agree that it works. Need hosting? We get you set up. Having trouble with design, or implementing something? Ready to start creating content and promoting it but aren’t sure how? Having trouble with maintenance or something as simple as backups and protecting all your careful work? Welcome to your WordPress Helpers.

So click around and see what WordPress Helpers can do for you. Contact us with questions you can’t find answers for here. Read our WordPress Blog and learn lots of things.

We’re glad you’re here. Welcome to WordPress Helpers

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Who We Are

The WordPress Helpers is a service of PC-VIP Inc. We’re a ten-year-old company providing services to businesses that need help figuring out answers to tough questions.
WordPress Helpers was created for one reason: we get your WordPress-based strategy and web site up and running, and we do it quickly and <gasp!> inexpensively.
Call us crazy, but we’ve found that as easy as WordPress is, most people get just a little bit into the process of using it and become frustrated with all the stuff they need to not just learn, but figure out. WordPress Helpers takes the “figure out” part off your hands.
Not even a little. Everything our parent company does is solve-a-problem-and-do-it-quickly-and-at-a-genuinely-fair-price oriented. The Answer Guy Central division of PC-VIP revolutionized Search Optimization via Content Marketing, and now The WordPress Helpers is here to make WordPress easier for you.
All the ways you can reach us are on Our Contact Page. But your real question is where we really are and how responsive we are, right?
We’re based in New York City. PC-VIP does business in several large US cities, in person. Video Network One is available everywhere. Answer Guy Central goes pretty much everywhere. And The WordPress Helpers is … at your service wherever you are.

What We Do

At WordPress Helpers, we’re great WordPress Teachers. We have both pre-made and custom learning paths to get you up and running—and genuinely productive—in WordPress. Quickly, easily, and inexpensively… or even free.
Remember when you were in school? Your teacher presented everything you needed to “pass the course”, but sometimes you’d need a bit more help. This is where WordPress Tutors comes in. Like turning to an ace classmate or hiring someone to hold your hand through every step of a program, WordPress Tutors is here to get you flying with your WordPress project.
If WordPress Teachers is about courses and WordPress Tutors gets projects done with you, what’s WordPress Helpers? Anything and everything WordPress. Not sure what tools will get your project done? Not sure about hosting, or backups, or databases? WordPress Helpers will take on whatever WordPress task you have, and get it banged into whatever shape you need. Seriously: hammers, anvils, stuff like that; we aren’t messing around.
Want to be your own WordPress expert? It isn’t really that hard, but: we’ve learned over the years that until you figure out a few things about WordPress that just…aren’t…that…obvious, you’ll have days that go in directions you won’t enjoy. Let us school you in how to keep WordPress running smoothly. That’s WordPress Trainers
WordPress is usually pretty easy to use. But even in as great an environment as WordPress sometimes things go in different directions than you expected. When that happens WordPress Helpers become your WordPress Doctors. And the WordPress Doctors have never lost a patient.

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Learn the Magic of The WordPress Tutors, WordPress Teachers, WordPress Doctors, and WordPress Helpers

Is It Magic?

It’s a lot like magic. The WordPress Helpers will get you looking at the things that create WordPress sleight-of-hand, and your web site visitors looking where you want them to.