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How you look matters. But consistency and applying some basic techniques goes a long way. Let’s talk Design and WordPress. Let’s look your best.


Training? In easy-as-pie WordPress? Why? Because sometimes what looks and should be easy … just isn’t. Click for an amazing offer


You don’t want your site hacked. Seriously, you don’t. Not a problem: The WordPress Helpers will get your WordPress installation locked down, safe, and ready for business.


WordPress is great, and just using WordPress is one of the simplest ways to make Google find you. But to really succeed your SEO needs more. We have it.

Get Seen

Even with WordPress, marketing can be a complex beast. The WordPress Helpers shows you how to pull it all together, and helps tell your next marketing success story.


Lights, Camera, MEDIA! With expertise in prose, audio, and video, The WordPress Helpers creates and pulls together a media strategy you can sustain and build on.


Where’s your site hosted? How much are you paying? How’d you make those choices? The WordPress Helpers has the right answers to hosting questions.

Business Analysis

So you’ve built a great WordPress site. Now What? The WordPress Helpers are your business strategy helpers, too. We’ll help you figure it out.

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    At The WordPress Helpers we’re passionate about WordPress and pushing it to the limits—in terms of functionality, design, and ease of use—in your everyday environment.

    We like being near the bleeding leading edge, but we believe there’s a difference between trend and innovation and that it’s our job to figure out which is which so you can be productive. Instead of dumping you in the wild the way most designed-by-geeks training courses and so-called easy-to-use add-on themes and plug-ins do, we’re about something different. The WordPress Helpers is here to make WordPress work for you. Right now.

    We think you’ll like it. Welcome to WordPress Helpers.