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We have only a few things “for sale” at the moment. For example, we recommend a couple of theme developers pretty highly.

Elegant Themes does some of the most functional, best looking themes you’ll find anywhere, and one in particular—Divi—is mind-blowingly flexible. In fact, we designed both Answer Guy Central and Video Network One using it.

We also like Headway quite a bit … but while Headway is very cool, it also works in a way that underscores why The WordPress Helpers exists: there are things in WordPress you shouldn’t need to “figure out”.

We also want to call your attention to Envato Market. It’s quite a story. You’ll notice, though, we don’t exactly recommend it.

No product or service you find in our shopping pages is from someone who’s bought their way in. These are not ads; those are over in the sidebar.

And yes, we get paid when you buy this stuff, but seriously: at The WordPress Helpers we only sell what we know, understand, and recommend.

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