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The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 20-Feb-2015

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Free WordPress Stuff and Content Marketing

Giving away Free Stuff is the most-used content marketing strategy. Bu in WordPress, giving away the very thing you also sell is a strategy being used by many very smart people. Is “Free Stuff” the right strategy for you?


How great would it be if you could create a WordPress site automatically? Hmmm. Maybe not as great as you’d hoped for.


WordPress is simple … until it becomes confusion. If you could manage the sourcing of WordPress Confusion, would everything get easier?


It’s big. It’s clumsy. You don’t actually want to deal with it. But sometimes you need to download the WordPress Media Library. But here’s the way you shouldn’t be doing it.


File names shouldn’t start with “.”, but .htaccess does. Ready for more? In WordPress,  sometimes .htacccess isn’t even an actual file!


There’s an old saying: “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. This week, marketing God Seth Godin became a hammer … and Seth doesn’t even use WordPress.


If I Love Lucy was being produced today, would its producers use WordPress? Why Not?


You’re ready to start making your WordPress site really sing. So you go hunting for the software to do the job, and find lots of plug-ins, some widgets, and plugins that make widgets. NOW WHAT?


HEADINGS? Seriously? Well, yes. WordPress Headings make it easier for people to read your content … and for search engine to, too.


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