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One day, Jeff Yablon was sitting with a client who was … just … not … getting it. A guy whose entire career has been about making things easier for people, Jeff decided right then to create The WordPress Helpers, where anyone could make WordPress work quickly, inexpensively, and without chasing all over for answers to simple questions. Silly man.

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It’s a true story. Jeff has been involved in all kinds of business management and technology businesses for a lot of years, and one day in October 2014 he was helping a client get a WordPress site up and running. WordPress doesn’t have to be very challenging technologically, and sure enough, this client wasn’t having technical trouble at all. What she was struggling over was getting the supposedly “simple” design she’d purchased to use with WordPress to actually work.

He’d heard this before, and a light bulb went off in Jeff’s head. He thought back to the early 1990’s when one supposed “technology” client after another was saying “I want to computerize my business” and what every one of them meant was that they wanted to computerize their accounting.

Today, it seems everyone is trying to “make their website work”, which usually has nothing to do with either the website or the technology—and for many people, that’s WordPress—behind it. It’s about knowing how to find and use the right tools to create a presence on the Internet where they can drive people and get their point across.

It’s not about technology. It’s not about “WordPress”. Technology is just an idea and WordPress is easy to use once you figure it out. It’s about simplifying the many tasks that matter. Finding the right themes and plug-ins, understanding when widgets matter (and finding and understanding those, too). Customizing designs. Building marketing campaigns. Search Engine Optimization. Hosting Choices. Security. Media and Content Marketing strategy.

Oh yeah: and getting it all done quickly and on a budget and knowing how to manage it. Yikes.

That’s what we do here. And it’s the best way we can tell you “About The WordPress Helpers”.

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Let The WordPress Helpers be your WordPress Helpers. We have plans, ideas, and strategies for getting WordPress to do all the things you’ve seen others do with it but just haven’t been able to make happen. Training, consulting, step-by-step guides and information you can use to whip WordPress into shape and keep your business growing. The WordPress Helpers is your one stop for WordPress mastery.

So look around, and whatever you decide you’d like a little help with, reach out, and The WordPress Helpers will be there for you.

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