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Contribute to The WordPress Helpers

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Contribute to The WordPress Helpers
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What do you want to talk about? If it’s WordPress-related, The WordPress Helpers wants to hear what you have to say.

Join our community Contribute your voice to The WordPress Helpers. Give us your opinions. Hear about WordPress News before we do? Tell us about it.

The WordPress Helpers is your WordPress Community. What will you add?

Tell us why you think. Tell the community in the community, or if you have something big to say and want to see it front-and-center, let us know. You might just find yourself featured at The WordPress Helpers.

WordPress has such breadth of subject matter to talk about, pretty much the only limit on what you can contribute is your imagination. Have a new way of doing something—or heard about one? Publish it here. Think self-hosted WordPress beats the pants off managed hosting at or somewhere else (or vice versa)? Testify. Are you so fed up with SPAM on your WordPress site that you think there’s a better way to do Akismet? Then it’s fate: write that tell-all and push it out to The WordPress Helpers Community.

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    In The WordPress Helpers Community, there’s something for everyone. Join us, follow us, tell your friends, get involved.

    Think you have something special to add? Are you a WordPress professional of any kind looking to form alliances? We’d love to talk.

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