The WordPress Helpers Mission

The WordPress Helpers’ Mission

By The WordPress Helpers

The WordPress Helpers Mission
Helpers on a Mission

Do we really consider what we do at The WordPress Helpers a mission? As in, we attack it with almost a religious zeal? You bet we do.

That might sound like a bit much, and we don’t believe in adhering to the status quo just because someone says to, so maybe what we’re saying is that The WordPress Helpers is more of an anti-religion.

Or maybe we should drop the religion metaphor. We’re still on a mission. We want WordPress to continue to grow and improve, and we want it to be the kind of tool you can get rolling with far more easily than you might have found it to be thus far.

Let’s help our grandmas use WordPress. THAT’S a mission!

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We asked our friends at Google what a mission was. Here’s what everybody’s favorite source of information had to say:

The WordPress Helpers' Mission

Forgetting the religious part, and accepting that we can bypass a lot of the travel from right here at The WordPress Helpers, “spreading the faith” is sort of right. But faith only spreads when people talk, and evangelize, and get involved. And drop their biases. And help people who might not make a lot of sense when you first meet them because they look different, or approach things differently than you understand.

The WordPress Helpers’ mission is to make WordPress as easy to use as it can be, by bringing together the until-now siloed members of The WordPress Community.

So talk it up. Contact us using any of the means you see here. Get involved by clicking the little man you see in the menu bar and joining The WordPress Helpers Community.

You’re a developer? People need your help, and buy your services. You’re a host? Make your pitch here; answer questions about what makes for great hosting, and tell people why you’re the right host for them. You’re a security guru? Prove it. Got questions about how to make WordPress work for your business? Ask them.

If you’re trying to make a garden grow, you’ll take a little girl’s help when she offers it. That’s our mission: The WordPress Helpers wants every little old lady and every helpful girl to talk about WordPress and make it better.

It starts with you. No matter who you are you have something to add to The WordPress Helpers Community, and The WordPress Helpers Community has something to give back.

Let’s complete this mission together.

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In The WordPress Helpers Community, there’s something for everyone. Join us, follow us, tell your friends, get involved.

Think you have something special to add? Are you a WordPress professional of any kind looking to form alliances? We’d love to talk.

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