Using WordPress for Web Design

WordPress Web Design

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WordPress Web Design

Despite its title, the post we’ve linked below will not help you “choose the best platform for your personal website”.

It will, however, help us prove what you already know: It’s WordPress, or bust; you can just plan to do, hire out, or find some prebuilt WordPress web design!

Indulge me the opportunity to explain why “choosing the best platform” should always point back at WordPress Web Design.

There are other ways to design and build web sites. And to be fair, if you’re willing to forget that when you run into trouble or need something that a construction-kit site doesn’t provide you’ll never find anywhere else the volume of folks who can help you that you will in WordPress Web Design-land, there becomes an honest-to-goodness reality to acknowledge; getting started with tools like Wix and Squarespace is incredibly easy, and both tools make cobbling together something visually awesome easy—yes, in general, easier, than in WordPress.

Do not ignore that.

You may ignore pricing; when all is said and done the month-over-month prices for these tools run about the same as the costs associated with doing WordPress web design. But pretty goes only so far, simple goes only so far, and eventually there’s a very big business reality you need to contend with:

Build Your Site With These Tools, and It’s Captive

WordPress, even when you host your site at, makes moving your website to another host fairly easy. It’s your site; getting trapped in one host’s ecosystem is a very bad idea.

There are quite a few reasons we’re so passionate about this WordPress Helpers thing. This one may be the biggest.

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WordPress Web Design is Easy. But If Your Farm Design Out Should You Even Use WordPress?
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WordPress and Web Design
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WordPress and Web Design
How hard is WordPress Web Design? Not very. But at some point you outsource and use a builders' kit. Others are easier. Is WordPress Web Design even right?


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