Common WordPress Fixes

Common WordPress Fixes

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WordPress Common Fixes

Cool as it is, WordPress has a tendency to break. Do backups, have great hosting, and work carefully and it won’t break much or in big ways, but break it will. Wouldn’t you love a collection of Common WordPress Fixes?

Bad news: there is none.

The issue in compiling a encyclopedic list of Common WordPress Fixes isn’t that it can’t be done, and at The WordPress Helpers we’re working on it for you. The real problem, though, is that most of the time when WordPress breaks it isn’t actually WordPress that’s broken so much as something you’ve added to WordPress has broken it temporarily.

For example, we faced a small issue earlier today when the software we use to make this site run quickly had lost its reference to a post here. As one person on Twitter pointed out to us, trying to visit that page made it look like we were down.

That said, theme developer Kadence has posted a couple of Common WordPress Fixes you might find useful. The 404/permalink tip is simple, and solid. The tip about deactivating all your plug-ins is solid too, and the kind of thing you’re going to encounter one day, and … no fun at all. It’s one of those COMMON WordPress Fixes, but it sure isn’t an EASY one.

C’est la WordPress

Common WordPress Fixes
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WordPress Breaks. Are There 'Common WordPress Fixes' ?
Article Title:
WordPress Breaks. Are There 'Common WordPress Fixes' ?
WordPress breaks. Fixing it may not be hard, but: do you want a collection of Common WordPress Fixes? It's not easy; Common WordPress Fixes aren't so common


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