Stack Overflow Dreads WordPress

Why Stack Overflow Dreads WordPress

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Why Stack Overflow Dreads WordPress

Training methods and statistics are all over The WordPress Helpers. This week we’re especially interested in a survey revealing how people prefer to take their WordPress training, and when training errors make for training value.

Now, Stack Overflow Dreads WordPress?

We aren’t surprised. Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange is a geek’s paradise, and while there are lots of people doing the WordPress thing at all levels of geekiness, there’s a significant part of WordPress that’s non-geeky by design. This probably accounts for a lot of the problems that pop up when people look for WordPress help at StackExchange, and speaks to manners issue at Stack Overflow.

Stack Overflow has released their annual developer survey, and one of the items is most dreaded technologies. There’s WordPress; truly, really, deeply, Stack Overflow Dreads WordPress.

What’s to dread about WordPress? Mostly, WordPress is easy to learn and easy to work with. You need to understand some ideas and work within their constraints, but in many ways WordPress is a connect-the-dots puzzle. Stack Overflow Dreads WordPress?

Sure. Programmers, the main constituency of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange, have their own way of thinking and it generally starts at an incredibly low level. To many of them, being asked to jump into containers that are predefined in terms of operational method and language is unnatural. Both the two environments that Stack Overflow denizens dread more than and those just less than WordPress are too constraining for this level of geek. They prefer to speak in smaller, more malleable pieces, because they can.

Perception, odd as it may be if yours differs from someone else’s, is reality.

Hug a geek. Embrace him or her—and his or her way of thinking. And then … let’s plow ahead with your understanding of WordPress.

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StackOverflow Dreads WordPress
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Stack Overflow Dreads WordPress
Article Title:
Stack Overflow Dreads WordPress
Why is it Stack Overflow dreads WordPress? Because while WordPress can get geeky, by nature it's not in the ultra-geeky Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange domain.


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