Where May I Upload WordPress Plugins?

Upload WordPress Plugins (Mother, May I?)

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Where May I Upload WordPress Plugins?

Here’s a trick question:

Where May I Upload WordPress Plugins?

Why is it a trick? Because you can’t upload WordPress plugins if you host your website at WordPress.com—or to be fair, at any managed hosting company we’re aware of.

And that’s how it should be. We use the wording “that we’re aware of” because a managed WordPress hosting environment that allowed you to add outside software to the mix wouldn’t be very well managed at all—but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

So we’re saying managed WordPress hosting is a bad idea, right? No, not at all. Depending on your needs and willingness to handle administrative and backups chores, hosted WordPress can be a great idea. This story is about support. Really great support, if not support with a really great answer.

If you check the post below you’ll see that two separate Wordress.com support people chimed in on the question “where may I upload WordPress plugins?”, and succeeded in delivering a simple answer to what turned out to be the user’s real question. We’ve said before that we’re often quite impressed with WordPress.com support, if not necessarily as much with the support at WordPress.org (we’ve caught flack on the latter point).

This, then, is a simple ode to one of the things about WordPress that seems to be consistently great: ask the right question of the right people in the right place, and you’ll usually get the right answer, if not necessarily the one you were looking for.

It’s also a lead-in to another story we’ll be publishing later this week: WE  asked for WordPress help, and a couple of WordPress folks who had issues with us answered it anyway, and surprising politely! Stay tuned …

Source: WordPress.com 
Where May I Upload WordPress Plugins?
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Where May I Upload WordPress Plugins?
Article Title:
Where May I Upload WordPress Plugins?
"Where may I Upload WordPress Plugins?" is a great question, and the answer is that you CAN'T upload WordPress plugins if you get hosting from Wordpress.com


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