WordPress Servers and Backups

WordPress Servers and Backups

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WordPress Servers and Backups

Here in The States, former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton  is embroiled in a computer-related legal matter concerning whether the servers and backups for them where she stored email while a government employee were handled correctly. On the other side of the world, an Australian lawyer recently started blogging on the subject of WordPress and Legal Stuff.

The two are more connected that you think.

First, by way of disclaimer, no-one on staff at The WordPress Helpers nor our parent company is an attorney; this is not legal advice, it’s business-advice-for-common-sense-business-decisions. OK, done.

Next: what’s legal in Australia and what’s legal in the United States may differ. That said, what you see in the post below isn’t, as I suggested to its author, so much a legal conversation as a practical one (again … business decisions … ). Nevertheless, there are legal aspects to the business decisions you make when deciding on the correct strategy for WordPress servers and backups. Sure, some are simple, like the information you display in your site’s footer. But make no mistake: whether it’s legally OK to host a server outside your country—or use distributed or cloud hosting—will absolutely come up in courts sooner or later.

But for now, for you—for most people not named “Hillary Rodham Clinton”—the issues surrounding WordPress servers and backups remain and will remain more practical than legal. You need to know and protect your WordPress database and the content that fills it. Enabling basic security is … basic. And if you take care of those things you won’t ever find yourself in the position of finding your WordPress site totally deleted.

Simple, right?

It really is; make “enact simple business processes” part of your business decisions, and none of this is too difficult. And making WordPress simple is why The WordPress Helpers is here.

Feel like talking about it?

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Servers and Backups and the Law
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WordPress Servers and Backups
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WordPress Servers and Backups
Ever think about the way WordPress and the law effect each other? Servers and Backups and data retention policies can get really complicated, unless you make them simple.


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