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WordPress Hosting Requirements

By The WordPress Helpers 3 Comments

In another piece we published today, we pointed you at a web host where you can get honest-to-goodness free WordPress Hosting. And while we’re completely comfortable recommending x10Hosting, there will be …

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WordPress Data Portability

By The WordPress Helpers 5 Comments

At The WordPress Helpers we focus mostly on self-hosted, download-WordPress-and-run-through-the-five-minute-install version of WordPress. But there are other choices; a growing number of “managed hosting” companies will do the heavy lifting …

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WordPress Image Sizing

By The WordPress Helpers 2 Comments

We’re adamant that you should avoid using the WordPress Media Library whenever possible. That said, we understand that you’re going to use it anyway. So with respect to both WordPress …

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WordPress User Roles

By The WordPress Helpers 1 Comment

Want to Contribute to The WordPress Helpers? Let’s start with a quick quiz; if you become a WordPress Helpers content contributor, what color in the chart you see here will …