Themes Vs Frameworks

Themes Vs Frameworks : What’s the Real Difference?

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Frameworks vs Themes

Work with WordPress long enough and you’ll find yourself considering the “themes vs frameworks” issue. I’d explain the difference to you, but … I can’t.

I mean, I could, but at the end of it you’d be correct—in most ways—if you concluded that Themes (specifically, parent themes) act the same way toward child themes as “frameworks” act toward … umm … child themes.

Head hurt yet?

This morning I came across the article you see linked in our info box below, trying yet again to clear up the whole themes vs frameworks thing. It didn’t. But I’d like to point you at a short conversation I had through our Twitter account, and especially at the article that Ren Ventura pointed me at to explain, at least, why he love the Genesis framework and develops—you guessed it—child themes for it.

Ren is one of the good guys I’ve met from the not-always-welcoming WordPress Developer Community, and while I haven’t worked with him I feel as though I can recommend him if you have WordPress questions.

As for the themes vs frameworks question: we recommend themes. Err … except when we don’t.

Of course, issues like that are why The WordPress Helpers is here.

Source: Themes Vs. Frameworks 
Themes Versus Frameworks
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Themes Vs Frameworks
Article Title:
Themes Vs Frameworks
Themes Vs Frameworks. If you think you get it, think again. But does it matter? Ren Ventura weighs in, and The WordPress Helpers learns something. Now if we could just explain Themes Vs Frameworks to you.


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