When Should You Use WordPress?

When Should You Use WordPress?

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When Should You Use WordPress?

When should you use WordPress?

No, wait, let’s give the question the weight it deserves:

When Should You Use WordPress?

The answer is “pretty much always”. Yes, we’ve got a horse in this race, so take that with a grain of salt. But when we came across the link you see below at WPShout!, it occurred to us not only that the idea is right for most folks most of the time, but that WPShout! had isolated the issue incredibly well. When you should you use WordPress? Pretty much any time the site you’re building is pretty much anything other than “a web application”.

Even that isn’t cut in stone. Our sister service Answer Guy Central recently built a website from WordPress for a real estate company, and put the web application that does a lot of the heavy lifting inside WordPress. And that’s fine, as it would have been had the client wanted a different kind of front end, for the app to be just an app (it isn’t) and the question “should you use WordPress?” had been resolved differently.

But aside from unusual circumstances, WPShout! comes to the same conclusion we do: save a few very specific situations, most of the time for most people, “when should you use WordPress?” can be answered with one word:


Source: WPShout 
The ‘Should I Use WordPress?’ Flowchart
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When Should You Use WordPress?
Article Title:
When Should You Use WordPress?
When should you use WordPress? The answer, according to this flowchart from WPShout!, is "pretty much always". So when SHOULD you use WordPress?


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