WordPress Data Portability

WordPress Data Portability

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WordPress Data Portability

At The WordPress Helpers we focus mostly on self-hosted, download-WordPress-and-run-through-the-five-minute-install version of WordPress. But there are other choices; a growing number of “managed hosting” companies will do the heavy lifting for you, albeit at a higher price than you might like and at the additional cost of reduced flexibility.

Add it all up and these choices can make sense under the right circumstances. And one company that gives you an option in this space is WordPress parent Automattic Inc., at WordPress.com.

Besides being the ultimate authority on WordPress data portability, Automattic/Wordpress.com hosting starts out as completely free and remains a pretty solid bargain through a number of levels. And here’s one you might not have considered: Automattic will help you get OUT of WordPress.com and into WordPress.org self-hosting. And they’ll do it for free.

It’s the ultimate in WordPress Data Portability

Being vested as we are in WordPress, seeing Automattic be The WordPress Helpers in this most unexpected way is pretty cool. And the thread is two years old so we don’t know if Automattic still does this for people looking, after all, to leave the fold. But it’s great to know they … might.

We know we’re preaching to the choir on this one, but it’s a great example of the kind of thing we told you about in the wake of The WordPress Super Bowl. And it’s the opposite of what happens when you work in a proprietary Content Management System like Hubspot.

Your hosting choices and the right way to look at your options varies depending on quite a few factors, but the one factor that you keep under control no matter how you use WordPress is that your data stays your data.

And that’s important.

Source: WordPress.Com 
WordPress Data Portability: WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org
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WordPress Data Portability
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WordPress Data Portability
Is WordPress data portability important? Only if you ever want to move your WordPress site. To WordPress' credit, they'll aid in WordPress data portability.


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