The WordPress CMS vs Drupal and Joomla

WordPress CMS: The Ecosystem

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The Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

While it might seem obvious that when you ask The WordPress Helpers which content management systems should be considered instead of the WordPress CMS our answer would be none, it probably isn’t as obvious why the WordPress CMS needs to be the CMS.

At CMS Critic, they’ve addressed the subject a bit differently, comparing WordPress CMS to its two nearest competitors, Joomla and Drupla. CMS Critic’s article 8 Ways WordPress Beats Drupal and Joomla‘s points are these:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Ease of Installation
  3. Word of Mouth
  4. Theme Options
  5. Community
  6. Integration
  7. Niche Adoption
  8. Ease of Development

#8 is our favorite point here and in large part the reason that The WordPress Helpers exists; while WordPress is easy to get started with, there are a lot of choices to be made. Let’s blow past that one

#6 is a reference to the many ways you can very easily extend WordPress using plugins to do an amazing range of things. Once again there are options and issues that need to be considered carefully, but let’s allow this one a free ride, too; it is “correct”. And #4 is almost an identical topic.

#1 and #2 are compliments to 4, 6, and 8. They are what they are.

#3, #5, and #7 are a group, too, and they matter the most here; the WordPress community is hugeThere’s a chicken/egg thing going on, of course, but after all is said and done, the largest reason to use WordPress is its critical mass. Let’s look at that mass:

WordPress CMS and Market Share

The WordPress CMS currently powers almost 24% of the Internet

Roll back to the question from CMS Critic (…Joomla…Drupal…), and you see that WordPress is eight times larger than one, and almost twelve times bigger than the other. That’s market share! So let’s re-ask a simple question from a few weeks back: Why Does WordPress Not Work Like My Other Software?

Because it doesn’t have to.

Source: CMS Critic 
The WordPress CMS Vs Joomla and Drupal
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The WordPress CMS vs Drupal and Joomla
Article Title:
The WordPress CMS vs Drupal and Joomla
The WordPress CMS is the world's most popular Content Management System, and 2nd place is so far behind there's no need to ask: Is WordPress CMS THE CMS?


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