Loving WordPress Community and JJJ John James Jacoby

The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 27-Mar-2015

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Loving WordPress Community and JJJ John James Jacoby

Meet John James Jacoby. JJJ Loves WordPress so much he’s doing nothing with his time but re-writing its code. And he doesn’t even work for WordPress.


This Content Marketing thing … does it actually pay off? YES! But: unless you do the right kind of content marketing for your business, you’re better off focusing your efforts elsewhere.


The upcoming WordPress 4.2 has a big problem brewing. Wouldn’t it be great if we could cut off WordPress Plugin Problem 4.2 before it hit WordPress?


WordPress Ain’t Perfect, and that’s OK. But WordPress users ain’t perfect either. A few thoughts on bridging the imperfection gap.


Ignoring the old “Carnegie Hall” joke (“How Can I Get To Carnegie Hall, Sir?” “PRACTICE!”), what’s the right way to learn WordPeess?


Dull as the idea of WordPress Custom Posts Hierarchy sounds, when you need it, you’ll be REALLY glad we addressed it for you. Here’s a simple tip.


The speed of your WordPress Theme matters. A LOT. But how can you judge a WordPress Theme’s speed before you deploy it? Here’s what should  be a great way.


Need to Get WordPress Help? Here’s a REALLY Simple Tip: Even WordPress Geeks just want you to be nice.


OK, so there WAS a big WordPress problem brewing. And then, The WordPress Helpers got involved …


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