WordPress Database Fields

WordPress Database Fields — The Advanced Kind

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WordPress Database Fields

The WordPress Helpers covers WordPress from as many angles as we can think of. It’s a lot of acreage to navigate. Some of the fields—the database fields—are painfully uninteresting … and also really important.

We rely on others to help fill out our coverage of WordPress, and I’ve come to really appreciate the work they do at TutsPlus. It’s often a bit geekier than other WordPress tutorial sites, but it’s also intelligently presented, and this week TutsPlus’ explanation of WordPress Database Fields via the dissection of a popular WordPress Plugin struck home.

Advanced Custom Fields is starting to show up as part of the recommended add-ons in amazing free themes like Simply Read and in commercial themes, as well. There’s a reason for that; Advanced Custom Fields does a great job of demystifying a subject that can be incredibly difficult to wrap your head around.

We’ve told you about The WordPress Database and why you need to understand at least a little about it. We’ve explained what’s happening with the default WordPress database tables. We’ve even dug into a trick for managing hashed passwords in the WordPress database. Now, let’s throw it to TutsPlus and let them start your education on WordPress Database Fields.

WordPress Database Fields and the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin
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WordPress Database Fields
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WordPress Database Fields
The WordPress Database? A basic part of WordPress. Got WordPress Database Tables? It's time to understand WordPress Database fields. Advanced Custom Ones.


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