Finding a Gem of a WordPress Theme

A Gem of a WordPress Theme

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A Gem of a WordPress Theme

The absolute, no-question-about-it, most difficult thing about WordPress is finding a gem of a WordPress Theme. We could point you at our favorites, be they free or paid, and at the end of the day (or several days) hunting for that be-all-and-end-all gem of a WordPress theme you might still not have found exactly what you want!

The article we’ve linked below tries to explain why.

Actually, it does explain why. Problem is, it provides only a road-map—and one with way too many potholes, at that—to actually be useful for most people. Nevertheless, take a read; WPShout, as they did in this piece on when you should use WordPress and this one on WordPress password hashing, has delivered a pretty great read.

As WPShout points out, finding a gem of a WordPress theme isn’t about “special themes“. The article comes down kind of hard on one old but still-available theme (we love Elegant Themes, by the way, but some of the other points about them are well-taken), but for the most part the issues it points out about WordPress theme documentation and evolution are spot-on.

Sadly, finding a gem of a WordPress Theme isn’t about anything as simple as using a WordPress Theme Checker. Whether you use WPShout’s methodology or the one we published last month, getting exactly the right theme is usually either about paying someone/writing it yourself, or doing an unexpectedly large amount of research.

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Source: WPShout 
Finding a Gem of a WordPress Theme
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Finding a Gem of a WordPress Theme
Article Title:
Finding a Gem of a WordPress Theme
Looking for a gem of a WordPress theme? It isn't always easy. WPShout has published a decent, if unsatisfying, primer on finding a gem of a WordPress theme.


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