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WordPress News
WordPress News

WordPress is big. REALLY big. Something new happens every day in WordPress, and The WordPress Helpers stays on top of all the latest WordPress News, so you don’t have to. All you do is come back here and read our WordPress News Daily Roundup

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And that’s not all. Under “Musings”, The WordPress Helpers tells you not just “what’s happening” in the world of WordPress, but why it matters. The WordPress Helpers: everything you need to know about WordPress. Even if you weren’t sure how to ask.

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Like anything so vast, WordPress is always changing. The WordPress Helpers is your source for WordPress News. Changes to the WordPress mother-ship? We’re on it. New developments in the ways themes and plug-in software are delivered and news about those WordPress themes and plug-ins? Of course. New options for hosting—and why you might want to try them out … or not? You know it.

How do you want your WordPress News? At The WordPress Helpers you can come in and browse, or you can zero in on your favorite topics. Like hearing your news? That’s cool; we like talking. More of a visual person? The WordPress Helpers will be launching “The WordPress Helpers Stuff to See” in the second half of 2015.

WordPress Musings Op-Ed

We’re not stopping there. Because just knowing the news isn’t always enough, The WordPress Helpers also includes an Op-Ed component in our coverage and reporting of all things WordPress. WordPress Musings is where we tell you why and how the things that are happening in the WordPress universe matter to you.

Even The WordPress Helpers’ WordPress Shop is news related; anything we make available there is either from us, vetted and approved by us, or big or unique enough that anyone involved in The WordPress Community needs at least to know about it.

At The WordPress Helpers, you can be sure that if it’s WordPress-related, you’ll find it here. No more hunting all over the Internet for the answer to a tough question. No more trying to keep the difference between software changes and new trends straight in your mind. Need custom development, or a recommendation for a developer? If you can’t find him or her in The WordPress Helpers WordPress Community just ask We’ll find the right one for you!

Now there’s news the way you need it! Welcome to The WordPress Helpers.

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In The WordPress Helpers Community, there’s something for everyone. Join us, follow us, tell your friends, get involved.

Think you have something special to add? Are you a WordPress professional of any kind looking to form alliances? We’d love to talk.

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