Broken WordPress Security

Broken WordPress Security

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Broken WordPress Security

Is there a Broken WordPress Security problem?

Good news: the broad answer is no. WordPress’ security is pretty solid right out of the box, and for the most part you can make your WordPress installation as secure as it will ever need to be just by avoiding dumb user names for your administrators.

But the subject does keep coming up. WordPress went so far as to release a White Paper about WordPress Security about a month back and has hardened security in its market-share-driving Jetpack plugin.

At WPKube, we’ve found you a great article on the topic of broken WordPress security. It starts with the point we made above about user names, then goes on to recommendations about using the right host (we don’t really buy this form of passing the buck), makes an irrefutably good point about keeping both your WordPress installation and your plugins up-to-date, and finally recommends a few security plugins for WordPress.

Broken WordPress Security? Not unless you aren’t paying attention. And it’s surprisingly easy to handle WordPress security the right way, so you won’t fall into that trap, right?

Need to know more? Contact The WordPress Helpers, and we’ll walk you through everything.

Source: WPKube 
Broken WordPress Security
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Broken WordPress Security
Article Title:
Broken WordPress Security
Every now and then "WordPress Security" gets called into question. Is there a Broken WordPress Security problem? (not reaaly; WordPress Security is solid).


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